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Testament - Murky Waters lyrics

Murky Waters is the 5th song on the album Demonic of Testament launched in 1997. and the lyrics below have 67 visits. You are here because you LIKE this song and you are probably searching for its lyrics so, do not forget to make a nice review and come back for new lyrics anytime.

hold your breath afraid
grasp the rope in fear
grip just slips away
you yell but no one hears...
you don't know if you will drown
your friends showed you the way
they left you to run wild
they just turned away
your angered with a smile
you don't know if you will drown
you don't know if you'll be found or not
drowing in the darkness
body feeling lifeless
the minds at peace an concious
where are your friends now
have they let you down
they can't bring you back
they just let you drowned
you don't know if you will drown

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